Growth hacking actionable items

Recently I got interested in how companies get to grow the number of their users, thus started to dig through the web to find articles on the topic. I quickly realised that there is tons of relevant information out there on growth hacking but it's very challenging to filter out the most outstanding and rewarding ones.

The articles I find most appealing are usually stuffed with practical advice on how to get users, covering a wide range of growth hacking methods, from the very basics of growth hacking - SEO optimisation - to the advanced techniques, even showing off some tricks people would refer to as unethical - you remember the AirBnb vs. Craigslist story, right? 

So here is the list of my favourite practical growth hacking articles:

  1. Insightful and applicable advice with wide range of options by @yongfook
  2. 7 ways of Dropbox's growth hacks by @kissmetrics
  3. 500 startups' resident growth hacker gives you 3 examples of a hack ending great by  @mike_greenfield
  4. Witches and a handful of real-life experiments with real $ and clear ROI values in them by @seysconstantijn
  5. Case study of launching Updatey with solid advice on where to start when launching your own product by @bendell
  6. Extremely extensive and thorough series with practical advice on growth hacking by @quicksprout

And finally one really interesting article on how to validate a business idea without building a product by @adii.

What's your favourite growth hacking article around the web?

* Plus one if you want to be a growth hacking magician! by @YoavVilner