Startup Frenzy Episode #1

I noticed something weird, something unnatural and alarming on my twitter profile:

Do you see what I see? No?! Let me help you out.

There you go. I'm talking about startups a lot. At least I tweet about them a hell of a lot. Almost all the time.  Now what I'm going to do about this is I'll start the Startup Frenzy series in which I summarise my favourite articles about startups I read. I'm going to do this bi-weekly but no money back guarantee, okay?

As for the first batch:

Hope to see you next week as well ;)


Growth hacking actionable items

Recently I got interested in how companies get to grow the number of their users, thus started to dig through the web to find articles on the topic. I quickly realised that there is tons of relevant information out there on growth hacking but it's very challenging to filter out the most outstanding and rewarding ones.

The articles I find most appealing are usually stuffed with practical advice on how to get users, covering a wide range of growth hacking methods, from the very basics of growth hacking - SEO optimisation - to the advanced techniques, even showing off some tricks people would refer to as unethical - you remember the AirBnb vs. Craigslist story, right? 

So here is the list of my favourite practical growth hacking articles:

  1. Insightful and applicable advice with wide range of options by @yongfook
  2. 7 ways of Dropbox's growth hacks by @kissmetrics
  3. 500 startups' resident growth hacker gives you 3 examples of a hack ending great by  @mike_greenfield
  4. Witches and a handful of real-life experiments with real $ and clear ROI values in them by @seysconstantijn
  5. Case study of launching Updatey with solid advice on where to start when launching your own product by @bendell
  6. Extremely extensive and thorough series with practical advice on growth hacking by @quicksprout

And finally one really interesting article on how to validate a business idea without building a product by @adii.

What's your favourite growth hacking article around the web?

* Plus one if you want to be a growth hacking magician! by @YoavVilner

Side projects

I recently had a conversation with a friend about work and the discussion got to the point where one of us had the question:

Why are we doing what we are doing?
A handful of answers popped up, some were rather ordinary ("for the love of programming", "for the money") but none of them were as frightening as this one:
For the appreciation and acknowledgement.
It is obvious that almost everyone seeks for these two things and I'm not different from others in this aspect. Going through the deck of Zach Holman's presentation made me realize that both appreciation and acknowledgement can be earned by doing things that are not a must.

Now for me as a programmer there is a self-evident choice of doing side projects. Being a co-founder of a company and running side projects is rather controversial but in order to keep going even in the worst times there has to be something to rely on. I'll give it a try and keep posting the results here.

What are your side projects?